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Always have yoga at your fingertips and experience the multitude of benefits of a Yoga practice from the comfort of your home.

✔️ Access a library of 100's of yoga classes, anywhere, anytime. 

✔️ Build your home yoga practice or take your practice on the road with you when you travel, with our library of simple, easy and fun yoga classes.

✔️ Class times range from 15 minutes to over an hour, so you get to choose a class that suits your time availability and even your mood.

✔️ Classes are themed and organised for you to pick the one that will support you best on the day you practice.

✔️ Repeat the classes that you love, anytime, anywhere.

✔️ New classes added on a regular basis.

✔️ Tap into a library of resources that support you beyond your physical yoga practice.

Join the Online Studio today and enjoy a two week free trial. 

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Live classes & workshops held in Christchurch NZ


in person workshop, in Christchurch NZ

15 April 2023, 2 - 3.30pm
MoveWell Studio

‘Deep Play’ Anusara Inspired classes to go deeper into your practice. A key peak pose or class of poses will be the focus of the sequence to help students learn how to prepare the body and alignment techniques to support their deepest opening. Bring a sense of playfulness and fun as this makes the class an opportunity to positively expand and grow.

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Wellness, Detox and De-Stress Series
in person workshops in
 Christchurch NZ;

Yin & Pin Pop-Up Event 29 April 2023

Womens Wellbeing - Jan, Feb, March 2023
Wintertime Wellness - May, June, July 2023
Spring Detox & Destress - Sept, Oct, Nov 2023

Find out more about each series of 2023 below ⤵️

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in person workshop, in Christchurch NZ

May 2023


Online Life Journeys & Coaching

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self paced 28 day life journey


self paced 28 day life journey


self paced 28 day life journey


self paced 28 day life journey


online self-paced mini journey

8 lessons for you


Library of 100's of classes to support you with whatever you need to work on in your life currently, from the comfort of your own home.


self paced 28 day life journey + Love Map coaching

Yoga for Beginners - self paced mini course

People say that yoga isn't for them. Maybe they think they are too old, not flexible enough or the wrong size or shape.

Actually yoga isn't about flexibility, age, body type or any other excuse you come up with. Yoga is for everyone, all genders, all body types, all levels of fitness and flexibility.

The joy of yoga is that it is your practice, your journey, so wherever you are it's perfect place for you to start now. 

You'll get a broad, fun and alignment focussed introduction to yoga in this 9-video beginner course. You'll learn how to do yoga with a lots of variations, with the support of blankets, pillows and a chair. Get the basics of yoga and learn how to place your feet, do downward facing dog and sit for a few moments of meditation practice. Feel great and have a wonderful yoga experience as well as building your flexibility, strength and confidence. Work  in your own home, on your own timeline while you are supported by a fabulous like-minded online community.

All the beginner yoga classes are 30 minutes or less, so you can easily introduce yoga into your life. You only need a little time and you can start at home.  So many people have started their yoga practice at home.

Journey outlines:

  • Welcome and how to use props: You'll see some very easy ways you can use simple props from around your home to have the most supportive and opening experience in a pose. You’ll be introduced to props, how to use them and when to use them.
  • Set the foundation, your feet: Your feet are the foundation of most poses and actually set you up to be strong and stable.This helps you get the most from each pose.
  • Standing poses for strength and flexibility: this first thirty minute class teaches you how to do standing poses, which are the foundation of your yoga practice. Standing poses build strength and feel great in your whole body.
  • Strengthen your core: the second thirty minute class builds your core strength by focusing on your back and abdominals.
  • Find balance and salute to the sun: this third class teaches you to do balancing standing poses and move safely through the sequence salute to the sun.
  • Meditation introduction: this class shows you the basics of meditation and guides you through a short meditation
  • Release tension in your neck and shoulders: this class supports you to release any tension in your neck and shoulders, a must for anyone who works at a computer. You learn how to keep your shoulders relaxed and stress free.
  • Downward facing dog tutorial: the most frequent pose practiced in yoga,  you'll learn how to get the most out of this pose
  • Chair yoga: feel supported to do yoga anywhere.

Beginners yoga is a wonderful introduction to kick off your yoga journey, in a safe, supported and fun way.


Yoga to Transform Flexibility


Feeling stiff and sore and wish you could be more flexible?

This 28-day life journey is based on our own practical experience of yoga and life-habits of improving our flexibility plus the expertise and knowledge we have gained over the past couple of decades. 

Weekly material you'll receive includes;

  • a theme for the week
  • a new yoga practice
  • meditation and bonus content
  • hints to improve your daily life
  • related links and articles

You'll have lifetime access to transform your flexibility completing these 28 days as many times as you wish.

We know with some kindness, patience and determination you’ll transform your flexibility.

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Yoga to Transform Back Pain


We have designed this 28-day life journey to support you through the process of creating new habits and slowly undoing some of the experiences of your lifetime that created your back pain today.

If you want to enjoy living life more fully, unencumbered by back pain this journey is designed for you. You will be guided to create and embed habits to reduce your current pain to live pain-free and to support the prevention of back pain from recurring in your life. 

What you’ll get:

  • 4 yoga classes
  • 28 tips, tricks, and life hacks to create new habits
  • Bonus content to motivate and invigorate you along the way
  • Regular emails to keep you on track and engaged in your transformation

Become part of a like-minded community to provide support for your journey.

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Yoga to Transform Love


If you are dissatisfied with the love and connection in your life. Yoga to Transform Love is a 28-day journey that builds your ability to live a life anchored in love; it is unlike any other yoga course you will have done before.

This journey provides the tools to:

  • open to love
  • strengthen self love
  • enjoy more fulfilling relationships
  • connect to a higher love

On the journey you'll walk  through the four levels of love.  You can invite more love into your life, in a way that will safely open you up and return you home – to love.

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Yoga to Transform Sleep


Do you wake frequently through the night, feel drowsy in the mornings or just know you are not getting enough sleep? 

Fall asleep easily and wake feeling refreshed with our 28-day life journey.  Develop new sleep habits and begin to get a consistently good quality sleep as you are guided with new material each day.

Each week receive;

  • an overview of the week's theme
  • a new 20-30 min yoga practice
  • calming breathing techniques
  • journal prompts
  • sleep routines and hints for you throughout the day
  • bonus meditations
  • a weekly quiz
  • direct links to related articles and blog posts

This life journey supports you as you reset your routines and daily habits leading to a satisfying sleep each night. You'll have lifetime access to transform your sleep habits completing  these 28 days as many times as you wish.

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The Love Combo


You are about to begin a very exciting journey into love with this very special offer.

We searched the world to make you this exclusive offer, to work with Cristina Davy, Love Coach, on her Love Map programme, while also having access to our Yoga to Transform Love online course. We know this combination of Yoga to Transform Love and participating in Love Map group coaching will transform your romantic love, if that is what you are looking for.

This combo deal is perfect for the lady who:

  • Has everything but is still single
  • Has not been dating for a long time and is overwhelmed with modern dating
  • Feels unlucky in love
  • Is not open to dating due to past hurt but has a longing to find someone
  • Is ready to attract love but doesn’t know how

Over the four weeks of our Yoga to Transform Love journey you will explore all the aspects of love from Opening to receive love, Loving yourself, Loving others and Connecting to divine love.

All while participating in a six-week Love Map group coaching journey, where with other like-minded ladies, you will blow your resistance to dating and manifesting your soul mate out of the water.

Your opportunity to live a truly love filled life begins today.

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Yoga to Transform - Coaching


Our signature package is a transformational six-week group coaching programme.

Use the power of the group to support you to walk the fire of transformation, to leave behind your limitations and pain, and walk into the joy of living more in alignment with your positive vision for yourself. 

We also offer one to one coaching if you feel this would be better suited for you.

To enquire about our next group coaching cohort or one to one coaching, please click the below button to fill in the application form and book your call to talk to someone at the Yoga to Transform team.

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