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You can feel good in body, mind and spirit.

You can have vibrant energy.

You can live a love filled life.

You can have a successful home Yoga practice supported by our studio.




Always have yoga at your fingertips and experience the multitude of benefits of a Yoga practice from the comfort of your home


  • Improve your body

  • Improve your vitality by supporting your internal organs and systems

  • Expand your capacity to take a deeper breath

  • Support your mind to be calm, clear and peaceful

  • Practice living in the present moment and gain the benefits of presence. 


You can improve the quality of your life with Yoga. 

 More Vibrant. Healthier. Happier.

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A lot of people who take up a regular yoga practice notice their body changes significantly, in terms of becoming stronger, firmer, and more flexible.

“After a lifetime of being a gym junkie I stopped going to the gym and my only exercise was yoga and walking, people would ask me how I could be so muscular and strong” - Kristina

Because of the variety of movement and the shapes we put our bodies into during a practice, Yoga keeps the spine and body youthful and functional.

It supports you to have a better posture. A lot of the alignment cues (taught in alignment-based yoga styles, such as Anusara Yoga) support you to bring your body into optimal alignment. You are taught to use your body as it was functionally designed to do so.

When you do yoga well it helps keep your body fit, healthy and doesn’t cause further injury – sometimes it supports the therapeutic return from injury. You’re able to balance more easily, take a bigger step, engage your muscles to build strength and stability and move with more ease due to the improved flexibility and functionality.

As your body changes your ability to move through life improves.

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From a yoga perspective your breath is your prana. Your prana is your life force and vitality, so we are taught firstly how to breath in a way that will support our life force and vitality. Yoga teaches us to belly breath, which for women can be an interesting experience, as we are often taught to suck our belly in and restrict our breathing into our belly to not look like we have a large or pot belly.

“When I first started practicing yoga, I couldn’t even breath into my belly or didn’t expand my diaphragm because I didn’t want to make myself look any bigger” – Audrie

“When I studied body psychotherapy, I was taught that when we hold our belly in, we are cutting off our life force, at that time I did a lot of holding in my belly as well” - Kristina

This is probably why we love yoga because it gives us permission to breath fully. Breathing fully improves our lung capacity, life force and vitality.

Have you noticed your friends who practice yoga regularly? – they tend to have a radiance to their skin and brightness in their eyes. It’s because they can function a little better as they are drawing in with every single breath exactly what it is that they need. And, with every single exhale they are letting go of that which no longer serves them.

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There are classes of yoga poses that impact your deep internal organs, particularly twists and backbends, that give your internal organs extra support and boost through squeezing, wringing, and rinsing.

Yoga supports your digestive fire and helps you to digest your food in a more efficient way.

Your internal organs are important to keep your body and wellbeing functioning optimally. If you are not looking after your internal organs, you may suffer from more illness and disease and may even shorten your lifespan.

“Twists are so great for massaging your internal organs” - Audrie

Part of the practice of yoga encourages you to eat mindfully and take in foods that will support your system and internal organs to run without too much additional overload. Your internal organs are designed to process nourishment and eliminate toxins, but some of our modern diet puts in too many toxins and causes additional stress on the organ system. We have to efficiently take in the nourishment we require, eliminate the stuff we don’t need and ensure our blood is as clean as possible, that the right balance of fluids is in your system, that your reproductive health is best supported.

When you get on the yogic path more seriously you learn the purification practices and that overall yoga is a purification process for all layers of the human experience. You will naturally begin to eat differently and think about the foods you eat, how they affect your internal organs and the different systems that support your wellbeing at the different stages of your life.

Some of you may even lose a little weight as a result of your Yoga practice.

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We have discussed how yoga is good for mental health - Yoga Helps Mental Health - YouTube.

The physical and meditation practices of yoga help you to practice to calm, still and quiet your mind from the consistent chatter that contributes to your stress and emotional unease. It helps your mind by teaching you to focus your attention on fewer things and allows the multitude of thoughts (mostly negative) that run through your mind on repeat to be seen for what they are and to simply pass on by. You are taught through Yoga to separate yourself from your thoughts by becoming their witness.

The simple act of taking a deep belly breath allows you to calm and still your mind. The act of pausing to take a few deep breaths sends a message to your brain (via the release of hormones) that everything is safe. Your adrenal glands may be able to slow down and stop releasing stress hormones. It gives you the ability to learn to break your pattern of diving deep into anxiety, depression or fear etc

Your mind is the controller of your life experience. You learn that you are the creator of your experience through the practices of yoga that support your mind. You learn to come to know yourself on a deeper level. Through meditation and even the physical practice you learn to focus your mind on what is most important to you, and you learn to sit with the history of who you are and what comes up until it no longer comes up and affects your life experience.

“A teacher of mine once told me that it is on the meditation pillow that truly come to know yourself deeper” – Audrie

I often think about the quote ‘to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders’” - Kristina

As you learn to harness the power of your mind through the practice of Yoga, you take back control of your life.

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While Yoga teaches us to live an intentional life, we learn most importantly to live fully in the present moment. Over time you will learn to let go of the worry of what we haven’t done or what may come about in the future and learn that all we can do is take our best action and focus on how we feel in this present moment.


“Living in the present moment gives you the best opportunity to have a great life” - Audrie

You learn that this moment is the only moment that you have. Yesterday has gone, even the last breath has gone and tomorrow may never come. Yoga helps you to bring your attention to how you are in the moment and to embrace that fully, through postures, breathing, drawing in your senses, focusing your mind on what is happening now and peeling back all the layers of who you think you are, so that who you truly are can be revealed.

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Because you learn to live in the present moment, yoga helps you to bring more joy into your life. We’ve talked about the therapeutic impacts on your mental health but if you have physical issues in your body, such as pain, Yoga is also a great source of physical therapeutics.


“The way I use Yoga in my life is that it is a preventative practice. I’m preventing myself aging badly and keeping my body as physically fit, healthy and vital as I possibly can” – Kristina


If you already have back pain, or an injury, or are working with a physical misalignment in your body working one to one with a well-trained yoga teacher, who has training in yoga therapeutics, or works in an alignment based yoga system can support you to heal your physical pain, injury and misalignment.

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About the Online Studio  


✔️ Special membership discounts and deals across the year.

✔️ Access a library of 100's of yoga classes, anywhere, anytime.

✔️ Build your home yoga practice or take your practice on the road with you when you travel, with our library of simple, easy and fun yoga classes.

✔️ Class times range from 15 minutes to over an hour, so you get to choose a class that suits your time availability and even your mood.

✔️ Classes are themed and organised for you to pick the one that will support you best on the day you practice.

✔️ Repeat the classes that you love, anytime, anywhere.

✔️ New classes added on a regular basis.

✔️ Tap into a library of resources that support you beyond your physical yoga practice.




  • Love - try our multitude of classes themed to help you connect deeper to your heart and live a love filled life
  • Anusara Principles - learn Anusara universal principles of alignment and philosophy
  • Moon - connect with the cycles of the moon in our moon phases classes
  • Twists - detox and purify your system and mind.
  • Chakras - clear and balance these major energy center to support your overall wellbeing
  • Myths of the asanas - learn the myths of the class focus pose and how you can apply the lessons in your life
  • Breath based flows - to align your body to your breath and move


  • Yama and Niyama - anchor into these observances of yoga in your practice to take them off the mat into your life
  • Release resistance - if you want to breakthrough these classes support you to shift your resistance
  • Living intentionally - what do you desire? Learn to ask for it and allow it to arrive
  • Core workout - cultivate a deep internal strength 
  • Intermediate - take your yoga practice deeper with more advances sequencing and peak poses
  • Restorative and Yin - nurture yourself, rest and relax
  • Meditation and Pranayama - add in practices from the other Yoga limbs to supplement your physical practice and support your transformation

The Online Studio is a wonderful place to always have yoga at your fingertips, and practice in a safe, supported and fun way.


What people are saying about Yoga to Transform


Enjoy your relaxed presentation and variety.




I found your sessions catered to all levels of fitness and had such a calming quality sometimes I would just watch because I found your manner and voice very very soothing

Why practice Yoga with Yoga to Transform?

Kristina and Audrie met in a yoga class in 2008. After many years of friendship and growth here we are. Finally sharing our combined vision and love of yoga.

Because of our broad backgrounds we combine Yoga with the power of personal development to offer something that we know is really transformative - because we have experienced the transformative benefits of Yoga in our own lives.

Yoga to Transform is here to connect you to the broader aspects of Yoga.  Because it's the Yoga behind Hatha Yoga that keeps Audrie and Kristina hooked. 

We know Yoga has become enormously popular in the western world in recent decades. But a lot of what is being taught as Yoga is not very much about yoga, yes, you do the physical exercises, but you miss the Yoga part of the Yoga.
Once we start focusing on the Yoga part of Hatha Yoga, this is what makes us strong inside and able to approach life in a way that is more accepting.
We see it as a transformation of your life as you develop your yoga practice using all aspects of Yoga, not just the asana.


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Simply by offering a tip and getting nothing in return apart from the free content we already provide, you support us in a small way and that means a lot. We love sharing our free weekly yoga classes and our YouTube and Facebook clips with you. We know these are jam packed full of great content, knowledge and inspiration that transform your life just by watching.

So if you enjoy the content, find value in it and appreciate the love and care we put into it click the button below to tip the teacher. Your support is very appreciated.

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