We help you use Yoga to feel good in body and mind.



We help you use Yoga to feel good in body and mind.



Welcome! Kia ora! Greetings! 


If you're ready to improve the quality of your life, you can! Yoga is the path to having a progressively more joyful and fulfilling life.

As a science of living, yoga teaches you the quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your daily habits.

When you join a class, studio, life journey, short course, workshop, retreat or group coaching you'll be supported to 

  • build life affirming habits
  • lovingly embrace yourself and where you are
  • believe your age is a mindset not a number
  • have fun along the way
  • overcome any excuse you have that might be holding you back

Yoga helps you have a fit, strong, healthy and vibrant body as you age. You learn postural alignment for pain relief and injury prevention. It keeps your spine supple and mobile. 

Yoga helps you have a centred and calm mind with benefits of mindfulness and meditation. You learn to let go of the future and the past and live more joyfully in the moment.

Yoga teaches you to see the beauty, goodness and perfection in everything allowing your spirit to be free and light.

About Yoga to Transform 

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Why Yoga to Transform?

We believe you can create the life of your dreams with yoga. You are in control of how you age. You can age with energy, vitality, enthusiasm, joy, flexibility, mobility and strength. We are living proof.

These are the benefits of a yogic lifestyle: increased wellbeing in body, mind and spirit for the long term.

You can be healthy and well at any age.

When you commit to a regular practice you increase your ability to shift the dial in the right direction for you. Even if only a little.

Our studio teaches you to practice yoga in mind, body and spirit and to embrace your full potential.

Yoga helps you tap into the power of your own mind to commit to a new vision for your life. Feel encouraged to do something every day that will give you the results you desire.

Start today


Life Journeys and mini courses are structured to support your success. Feel alive and more ready for your life. Achieve results day by day. 

Take the time you need with lifetime to access. Be guided with weekly themes in each of the 28-day Life Journeys. Work at your own pace, and receive bonus content in weekly emails. Keep engaged and motivated to achieve the lasting change you desire.

Meet Audrie and Kristina


I always thought I'd like to do yoga and about 20 years ago I started going to a night class at a local high school. I was pretty out of touch with my body, no spatial awareness and had to look behind me to see where my foot was!

I liked the feeling of moving my body and for once there wasn't any comparison with others.

I made it a regular practice and when I moved back to Christchurch I met a new yoga teacher - Kristina! She encouraged me to do some weekend workshops and next thing I was doing a handstand for the first time in my life!

But really for me it wasn't all about the handstands. It was me being me in my body, moving it, feeling great and enjoying my life.

After earthquakes, hip joint replacements, redundancy and COVID I decided to take my life in a new direction and began my journey as a yoga teacher. I love it. The study, the teaching and the daily practice which brings me joy (most days)!

I am also a fully trained Movingness teacher and love working with beginners and  seniors helping them to feel movement and joy in their bodies.

Check out our suite of courses to find the one that will suit you; Beginners and Seniors 6 week in-person courses throughout the year





I was told I needed to start Yoga to stop the intense period pain, stomach issues and sciatica I was experiencing in my early 20s by an acupuncturist. She told me that Yoga would help strengthen my back and core and solve my stomach issues. I was in so much pain, I did what she said, and started a Yoga practice at home. It worked!

I also experienced other positive benefits such as feeling more in touch with my body, increased strength, increased flexibility and over time I become more confident and noticed my relationships improving. All this from a 20 minute a day home practice.

When I moved to Christchurch I started teaching in local gyms and found a teacher who was trained in the Anusara style. This began my Yoga studentship that took me around the world to study with many well respected international Yoga teachers.

I love that Yoga has expanded what I thought was possible for myself and my life, just by teaching me that my body, mind and life hold infinite possibilities. As I have been taught through the practice "we can have whatever our heart desires, we just have to know what it is and we just have to know to ask". Today, this is why I practice and teach Yoga to remind you that you can create the life of your dreams with Yoga.

Check out our upcoming 2023 in person events happening in Christchurch including Yin + Pin series, Inspired Practice and  Foundations classes;


“How did the classes help you? I feel more mobile, and more flexible Would you recommend the classes to a friend? Yes, because it’s an enjoyable experience that is beneficial to you”
- Carol

“I’m doing the Yoga to Transform Sleep course and love the daily structure and guidance, along with the supporting information. I noticed that as I paid more attention to my need for sleep, I began to take better care of myself in the other areas of my life. This course has been life-changing!.”
- Dinah

I like Audrie's teaching style. Her explanations make sense to me. I particularly like the way that she uses the same descriptions each week as that helps me to remember what to do. Please add any other comments: Room great. Parking easy. Location easy to find.
- Margaret

 Deep Rest and Nourishment Mini Retreat: It was great, I knew it would be relaxing but it was really useful to takeaway some new breathing techniques and some additional bolster poses. The half day exceed my expectations.
- Steph

What changes did you notice physically or emotionally during the retreat ...  I feel the more I do this type of thing the more I am learning about myself and how to relax
- Debbie

“Kristina provided clear and easy explanations and really held the group well. She provided great techniques and mind opening opportunities. More, more, more …….”
- Alice C

“This was my first step to changing my beliefs. I would recommend this workshop because it gives you the tools to know how to change”
- Mel

“Kristina is so warm and lovely. She just oozes purpose and positivity. It was really useful and eye opening. There were awesome tools for working through my beliefs”
- Abigail C

“The deep relaxation from the combination of the three elements of Yin & Pin was so enjoyable”
- Brenda W

“I think this workshop is beneficial to anyone who needs the support and knowledge to change. I would take it again as making a change you need reminding and upkeep. Amazing. Inspiring. Funny. Delightful. Kind. Easy. Fantastic energy and confidence”
- Jenna I

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