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“In February I did the Celebration of Love Masterclass for Singles. I highly recommend this workshop if you want to unlock your own values and discover what you are seeking in a love relationship (either with yourself or another). Kristina was an expert facilitator in the way she made our group of four men and six women relax. She took us through an exercise to unlock our personal values and we focused on those while doing some gentle yoga poses. The things I learned in that class really resonated with me and have served me well in a year like 2020. As a bonus I have also found a love partnership. So that’s some powerful manifestation!”
- Kini

“I’m doing the Yoga to Transform Sleep course and love the daily structure and guidance, along with the supporting information. I noticed that as I paid more attention to my need for sleep, I began to take better care of myself in the other areas of my life. This course has been life-changing!.”
- Dinah Mountier

“Thanks Audrie, I found your sessions catered to all levels of fitness and had such a calming quality sometimes I would just watch because I found your manner and voice very very soothing.”
- Lyn

“Thanks again for the yoga classes The movements are so good for me in my older age & make gardening easier too.”
- Trish B

“Thanks Auds for being there, for helping me structure my day, having something lovely to look forward to and feel so much better afterwards. You’re very good at this! It’s been lovely to see your classes evolve and I can imagine that I’ll be there each day with you when I’m not so busy. I trust it’s been useful for your own practice too. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.”
- Sue

“Kristina provided clear and easy explanations and really held the group well. She provided great techniques and mind opening opportunities. More, more, more …….”
- Alice C

“This was my first step to changing my beliefs. I would recommend this workshop because it gives you the tools to know how to change”
- Mel

“Kristina is so warm and lovely. She just oozes purpose and positivity. It was really useful and eye opening. There were awesome tools for working through my beliefs”
- Abigail C

“The deep relaxation from the combination of the three elements of Yin & Pin was so enjoyable”
- Brenda W

“I think this workshop is beneficial to anyone who needs the support and knowledge to change. I would take it again as making a change you need reminding and upkeep. Amazing. Inspiring. Funny. Delightful. Kind. Easy. Fantastic energy and confidence”
- Jenna I