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When you're ready to breakthrough to become fit, calm and fabulous!

Ultimate Body and Beauty Blueprint

Kickstart coaching to start your transformational journey into feminine strength.

 You're ready to lose more than body fat and inches off your waistline. You're ready to lose that negative body image that has quietly haunted you since puberty. That voice that has told you, you need to look a certain way, starve yourself, and workout even when you don't enjoy it; so you can be loved, accepted and good enough.

You're ready to step into a new level of self and body-confidence and comfort that enables you to embrace who you are and your feminine power. And you're ready to drop the BS stories you have been told and believed.

As a woman you are meant to feel sensual and fabulous. Being this way is 10% about your external appearance and 90% your connection to your unique feminine power.

This ultimate body and beauty blueprint begins your journey to owning your unique expression of the divine feminine form and gives you the tools to step into your feminine strength and transform your body, mind and life.

This blueprint coaching is required to be completed before you can move onto our Feminine Strength 1:1 body and mind transformation programmes.

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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching 

Three month 1:1 or small group (min 3 people) coaching programme to feel fit, strong, calm and healthy at any age

Because you are an unique individual off-the-rack solutions aren't the best fit for you.

Our program works and is easy to stick to because it is developed uniquely for you. Wake feeling refreshed and ready for your day with heaps of energy to sustain you. Have time to take rest and enjoy relaxation. 

Lovingly embrace the lifestyle you want to live. Whatever your age or stage - whether you are a stressed, busy working mum, tired teenager, or if you are in your menopausal transition. Our holistic approach gives you the best results for your body, mind and spirit.

Step into vibrant wellbeing and create the lifestyle that will give you a fit body, calm mind and fabulous life. 


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Magnetic Self Concept

Three month 1:1 or small group (min 3 people) coaching program to connect more and deepen your relationships.

Some of your conversations just don't turn out how you'd like. 

  • You leave social situations feeling a little unheard and misunderstood.
  • You're not sure what’s happening or why. 
  • You just can't explain it. 
  • You’re worried that you’re getting it wrong.

You want to express opinions, stories and ideas .

You realise you want to say something new to deepen your relationships but don’t know what to change. 

When you work 1:1 with Audrie she'll show you how deliberately choosing the words and stories you use everyday, deepens your relationships and connection with others.

Work with Audrie to get the exact details you need to change your life.



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