Lifestyle Overhaul

1:1 and small groups 


Fit Body. Calm Mind. Fabulous Life.

Join us when you're ready to overhaul your life and live the best version of you!

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Audrie or Kristina.

Three month 1:1 or small group (min 3 people) coaching programme to feel fit, strong, calm and healthy at any age

Because you are an unique individual off-the-rack solutions aren't the best fit for you.

  • Your constitution is unique to you
  • Any imbalances have resulted in you feeling much less than your best
  • You know you're motivated to feeling better
  • What you're doing now doesn't match to the vision you have for your life 
  • You've tried a lot of different approaches but slipped right back to the start many times.

Choosing to take an Overhaul of your Lifestyle with us will give you the vibrant life you desire. Our program works fast and is easy to stick to because it developed uniquely for you.

Wake feeling refreshed and ready for your day with heaps of energy to sustain you throughout your day at work and at home. Have time to take rest and enjoy relaxation. 

Lovingly embrace the lifestyle you want to live. Whatever your age or stage - whether you are a stressed, busy working mum, tired teenager, or if you are in your menopausal transition. Our holistic approach to your lifestyle gives you the best results for your body, mind and spirit.

Step into vibrant wellbeing and create the lifestyle that will give you a fit body, calm mind and fabulous life. 

Contact us to get your free 15 minute call and begin to overhaul your life today.


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