Why you should join the 5am club!

Nov 19, 2022

For most of us 5am is not even part of the day, it’s still part of the night and a time to be asleep in bed. But for many personal and professional development gurus the 5am club is an important part of the day, and they advocate waking up at 5am to give the day and your life a kick start.

In this blog post we review the 5am club concept and provide some suggestions for how you could practically implement it into your life. The theory of the 5am club is that you wake up before everyone, and spend 20 minutes doing reading, moving and either meditating/journaling or some form of reflection. This concept fits in very well with yoga philosophy which encourages spiritual practice, self-study and meditation as means to deepen your connection with the state of bliss.

It really doesn’t matter exactly what you do with your three 20-minute slots but it does help if you are doing something that has moved your body, improved your mind and enabled you to draw yourself inwards and create a better connection with yourself.

We encourage you to find the right time of day to fit these practices into your life. It might not be waking up as early as 5am, but please note that those who advocate for the 5am club really celebrate the significant positive impact it has on people who practice it. It’s important that whatever habits you bring into your life, do positively support your life. So, if you are finding yourself too tired after waking up at 5am, try waking up at 5.45am instead and see how that fits in with your daily routine, and of course the impact of the changing seasons.

Spiritual teachers often say they are awake at 4am and this is when their spiritual practice and day begins. Apparently, it is a magical hour of the morning for connecting to the divine and your higher consciousness.

Whatever you do, when you decide to get up that extra hour earlier, you are really setting yourself up for a new beginning and increased success in your area of focus. Whether it be to connect to the divine or turbo charge your career. This is why it's important. When you decide to wake up earlier than everyone else and invest time in bettering yourself, you are deciding how you want to live your life and consciously designing it.

This is such an important part of the yogic path. As a practitioner of Yoga, you make choices about how you are going to live your life. Which means that you consciously decide to change the trajectory of your life and make routines and practices what will support your desired future state.

We all know that change is quite hard as we unconsciously like our bodies and brains to stay just as they are. So to choose a different outcome means you have to choose a different routine. Choosing a new routing means, no more waking up at the last minute, drowning down the coffee, missing breakfast, checking your work email, phone, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, then leaving the house flustered and grumpy. And, if you are going to wake up earlier, you probably need to go to bed earlier and give up some of the mindless TV watching you are partaking in. As an aside, did you know the average human spends 13 years of their life watching TV!

Instead, you can choose to wake up and invest the beginning of the day in setting your state for the day. The three 20-minute practices are important for nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. As you introduce more nurturing and personal growth practices into your life, you will start to notice the habits that don’t serve you as well falling away. You’re doing more than boosting your day, you are boosting your life by starting each day in a positive way.

Every day is a new beginning. Overnight you wipe the slate clean from the day before. Give yourself the time in the morning to create your day and your life proactively and consciously. The 5am club is all about setting you up for success in your life.

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