Start doing yoga at home with these 7 tips

easy habits home yoga tips yoga Nov 25, 2022

Ever wanted to get started with a home yoga practice?

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of doing yoga: better sleep, more energy, improved flexibility, a positive emotional boost? Maybe you've wondered how to do it?

Here are seven tips that’ll get you started.

Once you decide you'll really benefit from both the physical and mental aspects of daily yoga plus you’ll get the boost of making and keeping a promise to yourself!   

Seven Tips to Start Yoga

1. Set your intention: why you’ll benefit. Take a few minutes to write down the three top reasons you want to do yoga. Setting your intention makes the decision stick in your mind and begins the change. Recent research says you’ll achieve your goal faster when you create a habit.  Habits make the changes stick. Consider your habits when you’re setting your intention.

2. Designate somewhere to do yoga in your home. Keep your gear there. Often the practicalities of finding a space and gathering your gear hold you back. Get your yoga habit going by deciding on your yoga spot. It makes it easy for you to start, reduces the time it takes to get set up and everything you need is in one place. Remember there’s no need for special gear. Start with a towel on the floor and wear something comfy.  Find your spot and get ready to go.

3. Set up and keep to a schedule. This tip is related to creating a habit. Decide on a time that’s good for you. One friend found time for yoga when her kids were in bed. Another likes to link it to bedtime or morning routines. Create your yoga routine alongside something you already do. Do yoga before your shower or after brushing your teeth. Do yoga when the veggies are cooking before tea. Use the power of your friends. Create a social media group and post when you’re done. Commit to yourself and your friends.

4. Choose a style/teacher that suits you. Snack on a few yoga teachers/classes online and decide what you like. Do you like the teacher’s  voice, intonation, speed and style? Can you follow their movements? Are you invited to go at your own pace? Do you feel good in your body? Take a moment: what would you be looking for in a yoga teacher? Decide on two main things… then add to your list later.

5. Start simple and  make it fun. You often see those extreme yoga poses. The “big” ones that probably less than 2% of people do! For the rest of us 98%ers look out for tadasana (standing mountain pose), forward folds and lunges (crescent lunge, warrior 1 and warrior 2). Create a routine so you don’t have to think up moves or decide what to do . Do five minutes of practice. Keep going until they feel good in your body. Add on, find another move you like. You’ve got this.

6. Follow your body. Use the 3 S’s Rule: Strength, stretch and soften.  You may come up against some discomfort as you challenge your body to  move in new ways. Always work within your range of sensation. Too much going on? Reduce the strength you are exerting, or lower the extent of the stretch. Listen into your body. Soften and feel into yourself.  You’re in charge.

7. Use the support of others. Take a studio class or workshop. Find your favourite local studio. Notice how they welcome you and others. Consider how they help new people or offer a range of options in a class. Many have bonuses when you first sign up so you can take a range of classes.

Yoga is for everybody and every body. Committing to a new yoga habit will enliven your body and enrich your life. Go on, start today, you can do it!

Audrie McKenzie Daly

Director and Yoga Teacher

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