Nurtured in Nature

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Living a joyful life connected to nature

It's hard to get out in nature isn't it? But the benefits are amazing. 

When I get into nature it allows me to zone into relaxing into the now. It’s almost instantaneous. When we turn up at these places we can just an exhale. Ahhhhh!The trees block out the noise of the human-created world around me. If I'm at the beach it's the waves and the sand. It brings you back to ground zero. Feeling what's really happening. You're not in your head. Just feel the ground underneath you. Feel the energy from the ground coming up, tingling through your body.

When you are by a lake, a river or the beach all of the elements are together, earth, water, fire and air giving you a sense of rejuvenation! We are earth, water, fire, air and ether participating in the elements inside us and outside of us! 

You can connect to nature when you are deep in the forest or walking beside the ocean. You're connecting to this abundance of nature. There is so much water in the ocean and air in the atmosphere. The water isn't going anywhere and the ocean waves are not going to stop anytime soon! The process is cyclic and we are part of it! There’s good research around the benefits of walking in nature especially forests.

Being in nature gives you perspective too. One of my UK friends explained it’s really hard to see horizons where she lives. Your eyes aren't adjusting to see into the distance because buildings are blocking the view.  So take the time to get out of the city to see the horizon. Look into the distance and see mountains, hills, lakes and the seaside when you can.

That's another part of the story. It give you that broader perspective of not feeling so enclosed and gives you breathing room. In nature you can climb a hill and then all of a sudden everything else is spread out behind and in front of you. So from that perspective there's not much that you need to be worried about.

Many people don't realise that nature nurtures us and without nature we are nothing. Without the sun, the air, the trees, the birds and other animals, the rain and all the water ways we wouldn’t survive. We are nothing.  I'm being held by this beautiful planet and I am part of the natural cycle of every living thing. There’s the seasons and the cycles of the moon. We’re biological beings and we're part of the system. 

We’re out of sync and not being nurtured because we're not connected. An everyday life of fast fashion, fast food, busy busy lives and we we don't even think twice about  how we’re living and disrupting the natural rhythms of our lives.

Coming back to being part of the natural cycle is really important for our bodies as well. For our overall health and well-being, not just not just physical but mental as well right! Because like nature has this beautiful cycle and we are so disconnected from it that modern living takes over. You know that we are blessed to live with electricity so we can have the lights and the internet and our phones or whatever. But those are habits that we actually have to change if we're going to get good sleep.  We have to be part of that day-night cycle as well.  If we stay up too late we're not going to get good sleep. Then we're awake at two in the morning and then we have to get up at six mm-hmm you know … so that idea of being more in tune with nature will help us in the day-to-day life as well.

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Allow the natural rhythms of nature to nurture you. Make choices to look after yourself and look after nature.  Make the most of those all awe-inspiring breathtaking moments in nature. Breathe in and rest in those nature moments now!

We look forward to hearing your adventures in nature!


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