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When you feel comfortable in your body people show up for you in exactly the way you want. Jump onto your yoga mat and start to stretch and move. You’ll increase your blood flow. That’ll bring lots of support to all your muscles. Your lung capacity will improve and you’ll get more oxygen all around your body. As you stretch and squeeze your muscles they’ll get stronger. You’ll lose that tired feeling and get a new lease on life. We encourage you to spend 10 minutes a day getting a bit sweaty to really improve how you feel. Watch the people around you change as you feel more comfortable with yourself.

And how you feel about yourself impacts how easy you feel in the world. Start with increasing the focus on your physical body and decreasing the focus on your mental state. You’ll easily increase the time you focus on feelings in your body and decrease the time you spend on thinking and ruminating.

When you take time to value and take care of yourself the right people turn up to support you. Taking a yoga workshop or series of classes helps you to train your mind as you train your body. Joining a group with others exercising and learning what their bodies can do supports you as you explore what your body can do. Yoga offers opportunities to get balanced, strong and stable

How you show up for yourself directly influences the people who show up for you. Use all of your body in some exercise, use some of you time to meditate and then take time to rest afterwards. This is self-care at its best. Develop a caring relationship with yourself and expect nothing less from those around you.

When you recognise it is safe for you to enjoy your life, others will turn up to enjoy it with you.  Carrying around the patterns from your past keeps you stuck there. By moving your body you begin to break mental patterns as new experiences are stored in your muscles and mind. Get flexible and coordinated with yoga classes at home or in a studio or workshop. Find people who make you feel good. Work and learn with others. Find your tribe and expand your group of friends.

Do you feel it hard to think clearly because you worry you’ll get it wrong? When you feel clear headed and alert you’ll be able to make good decisions you can stand behind. When you do some yoga you’ll increase the time you focus on here and now. Worry will decrease and you’ll begin to feel less anxious about the future. Increase the focus on sensations, decrease the focus on thoughts.

How you value your own efforts shows others how to value you. Feel happy and love what your body can do. Test it out, stretch it, take time to rest it. Increase the focus on your body, decrease the focus on your mind. Live proudly aware of your own achievements. Value yourself by showing up ready for life every day.

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