Love is the Ground of Being

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Love is the ground of being. 

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When you say that love is the ground of being the first thing that pops into my mind is Eckhart Tolle's book and the analogy of the fish. A fish would say, “What water? Am I swimming in water?” Because the fish doesn't even know it’s swimming in water.

It’s the same thing when we talk about love is the ground of being.  We're the “fish” swimming in the love and we don't even know we're doing It.   It’s such a perfect analogy because if you try and interpret it from your brain it’s just a whole lot of really random words that we don't understand.

But if you say, “I am a fish swimming in love and I don't see it because it's just  the water around me”, it makes perfect sense. Just like us as we are walking through oxygen!

Sometimes a whole bunch of stuff happens in our lives and we forget that love is all around us.  A baby or a little kid knows it. They just say I’m awesome and all my needs are going to be met and it's all going to be perfect. As we grow we get separated from that love.

Moving your body during your yoga practice there’s space and time to hear the soft voice of your heart. This is the call to love. Whether we choose to hear it and whether we choose to answer it is the opportunity. We are called every single moment of every day.

Marianne Williamson is one of the top American spiritual teachers. She wrote A Return to Love. Her poem explains our deepest fear is not our darkness but our light. 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? ”.

The whole journey of life is calling you back because you come from love and you return to love. If you don't figure it out in this lifetime you'll figure it out next time!

Love is the answer. Having that love energy in your body is such a great feeling  because love is the highest frequency. David Hawkins talks about power versus force and the the energy scale the map of consciousness. And the love frequency is the entry point to being really connected and  part of the the universal force.

So if if all this is not making too much sense and you’re new to thinking about a spiritual journey and vibrating in love, how would you suggest we start thinking about love as a ground of being? 

It’s a big question isn't it? Where do you begin?  If you're standing on the outside looking in and your life is not filled with love or you do not feel that love is the message? Then you're probably at the beginning of your spiritual journey and your spiritual awakening. But now you’ve noticed it then you’ve already begun!

So be willing to take the next step and it might be yoga, yoga and meditation.

It's been our experience in meditation that all of a sudden you have a space in your life where you're not busy doing something or thinking about the next thing or what you did before. You've got a space. Just be here and now. Then that little voice turns up.

The Course in Miracles teaches that love is the only thing real everything else is an illusion. When you start practically applying that in your life the first thing to notice is that everything everyone does in your life is either; an act of love or a call to love.

So if I give you something then that’s an act of love. Here's some banana cake.  I’m being kind and generous. I’m being loving. If however I am demanding and now you owe me some banana cake, then that’s your challenge to see that as a call for love.

So people's behaviour towards you are either of those two things. In usual terms we talk about people being grumpy or demanding. They're seeking love. When someone's behaving badly towards you, you have options to respond with love or to withdraw love.  If it triggers a response within you that pulls you out of the frequency of love, you join them in the illusion that there's no love and it separates you from love.   

But you’re never separated and it's actually just the way that our minds interpret what's going. So you're either going towards love or offering it, or you appear to be separated from it.

It’s a quite deep conversation this time.

These are really deep big concepts. This conversation is within yoga philosophy. And for both of us we have many times returned to the philosophy over and over and over again to begin to even understand it and then even apply it in my own life but then that that is just what the spiritual path is all about isn't it that you're taking those steps to learn some more and even if you feel you're backsliding

For example when your boyfriend's being a not a very nice person, if you can see it as a call love you get the choice to join him there or not.  So any point one of you can choose to be loving and forgive and offer love instead. If you hold on to grudges and problems the only person being unhappy about that is you. You’re making yourself unhappy. If you say okay I didn't feel good for a while, I separated from love. Now I’m going to choose to return to love and forgive both of us!

It all about the practice. On a spiritual path you  explore the concept of love being the ground of being. It's the journey of discovering and the yogic path is about clearing our our history and living in the present moment.    

We look forward to hearing how you might continue your spiritual journey or your spiritual path and enjoy love as the ground of being.

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