Expect Miracles

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We’d love you to adopt this fifth Yoga to Transform value as your own. Expect miracles.


You get to expect miracles by being aware and welcoming them. Being alive every day is a miracle, waking up every morning and having another day! It’s truely a miracle!


We get so busy in our lives we forget to notice the great stuff happening around us.


Our physiology contains a negativity bias. Our brains are always looking for the problems or the dangers in life. This is important to keep us safe but in our modern lives we don’t need it all the time.


So to put this bias to the back of our minds requires training. We can train ourselves to look for the good things around and the miracles are there for sure!


Audrie did that through a gratitude practice. Each day she set aside some time to look for the good in her life.  You can follow her lead with a statement like this, “I’m grateful for ______________ because ______________________.”

Gratitude actually decreases the negativity bias in your life and mind.


It’s all about perception, you see what you look for. So having a miracle mindset is really about training your mind to see the world differently. Whatever you're thinking about or looking for you see.


You might have done this one yourself.  We both have. It’s raining and so people say it's such a terrible day. But when you said it's a terrible day it's got nothing to do with the rain. The fact is it’s raining and how you chose to see it is simply what your mind’s thinking. You can choose to be miserable or you can put your raincoat on and go outside and have a good time, maybe even sing in the rain.


Perception determines your reality. It determines your ability to receive the miracles that are coming your way right now.


From a Course in Miracles perspective miracles are natural. They happen all the time and if they're not then something's wrong. You’ve got a block or a barrier.


You’re not allowing yourself to see the miracles in the moment or to see the positivity in the flow of your life.


From a yogic perspective the world is neutral. It doesn't have good or bad in it, it just is.


Everything we look at we give a meaning to. So it's a blue sky out the window. We say it’s a lovely sunny day; we give it meaning. You're choosing the interpretation and meaning. You're creating the miracle or your own negative experience.


Develop a willingness to see the world through a different lens. The miracle is your willingness; choose to reinterpret what you see. Choosing to offer someone love and compassion versus reacting as you might normally do, that’s the miracle.


When Audrie was a kid  she used to have to walk to school. It seemed such a long way. But that’s the perception of the whole journey. Another way of looking at the walk is taking one step at a time. Could she take one more step usually she could.


That's a change in perception isn't it. You're still doing the same task. Your brain's got a different thing to be focusing on - what's happening now versus a far off end goal.


You could use that as a a metaphor for many parts of our lives. 


If you're thinking about yoga and say I’m never going to do it vey well and then you won’t start. So introduce the idea of yoga as practice. So get on the mat and practice something. That’s dedication to the practice. You got better and you could do it.


It’s like learning to ride a bike.  It's the same with your life, you have to practice your life.


Practice moving in the direction that you want to go.  Move in the direction of your dreams then the universe leans in towards you. The universe wants you to be happy, the universe wants you to succeed.


Often we get bound up in the forcing energy and we think we have to make it happen. The miracle mindset is knowing that we don't have to. We just have to step into our own power. We have to build the container of our physical bodies through our yoga practice, and then make room for the miracles to just flow in.


Do something new, take a step in the right direction, initiate a gratitude practice, start yoga, move regularly, meditate, commit to going for a walk every day. Commit and be disciplined to this this bigger vision for your life. Do a little bit more each day yeah, and then move into loving yourself.


Make sure you're having fun along the way. It’s so much easier to love yourself when you're keeping your own promises. You can feel so proud of yourself because you're keeping your commitments and building your confidence. It's building your self-image and it’s is fun.  So have fun.


You're meant to be enjoying life. It’s your purpose to be joyful. Practice smiling at yourself in the mirror. There’s an attractive magnetic energy when you do!


Try this: when you see a mirror for the next week or so give yourself a smile. Say to yourself no more resting faces because we have so much fun when we're smiling all the time. Really because frowning is an effort, it’s a muscle exercise and when you’re smiling you’re resting your muscles.


I hope you're smiling now.  That energy brings in miracles. Have trust and faith knowing that whatever your heart desires it's coming to you. Meet the challenge, learn from it and move on. Then expect miracles. Namaste

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