Embrace the Beginner's Mind and Open to Grace in Anusara Yoga

anusara yoga beginners mind meditation open to grace Oct 26, 2023

In the world of yoga, there is a profound concept that is central to personal growth and transformation – the Beginner's Mind. This state of mind, rooted in humility and curiosity, encourages us to approach life with an open heart and a willingness to learn. In Anusara Yoga, this philosophy becomes even more significant as it intertwines with the practice of opening to grace.

Anusara Yoga, a style of yoga that emphasizes alignment and heart-centered awareness, offers a unique perspective on how to keep an open mind and cultivate a Beginner's Mind. The practice of Anusara invites us to remain flexible, to continuously seek new experiences, and to greet each moment as if it were our first – just like a child discovering the wonders of the world.

Consider the Downward Facing Dog pose, a staple in yoga practice. In a single session, you might find yourself doing it multiple times – sometimes three, sometimes one, and sometimes as many as twenty-three repetitions. The challenge lies in approaching each Downward Dog as if it were your very first, just as a child marvels at the sight of a bird for the first time.

This is the essence of the Beginner's Mind in Anusara Yoga – the ability to view the world with fresh eyes, to let go of preconceived notions, and to be fully present in the moment. It is a practice that requires patience and intention.

Opening to grace is another crucial aspect of Anusara Yoga. When we open ourselves to grace, we are accepting the beauty and blessings that life has to offer. This means being open to new experiences, new people, and new perspectives. Grace allows us to embrace the present moment with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

In your yoga practice and in life, it is essential to acknowledge that there will be moments when you excel and flow effortlessly, just as there will be moments when you encounter resistance and obstacles. We are unique beings, and various aspects of our lives may require different levels of attention and mindfulness.

The path to a coherent and harmonious life, where all parts align and flow gracefully, begins with embracing the Beginner's Mind and opening to grace. It is about creating spaciousness within your mind and your heart, allowing thoughts and feelings to pass by like clouds in the sky.

As you settle into your practice, take a deep breath and draw your awareness into the present moment. Imagine yourself as the open and expansive sky. In this state, you sit in the openness and allowing, so that thoughts and feelings can simply pass by without resistance.

Closing your eyes during your practice is not merely about blocking external distractions; it is about changing the way you see the world. Your eyes project not only what they take in but also your history, meaning, and stories. When you close your eyes, you step into the realm of true presence with yourself.

In conclusion, Anusara Yoga teaches us that the Beginner's Mind and opening to grace are not just concepts but a way of life. It is a daily practice, a journey of continuous learning, and a commitment to staying open and receptive. As you step onto your mat and venture into the world, approach each moment with the eyes of a beginner, open to the grace that surrounds you, and witness the transformative power of these principles in your life.

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