Wanting to Get Better at Yoga? Here are 7 Ways

asana be present home yoga workshop Feb 05, 2023

If you’ve been practicing for a while you might be wondering how to get better and improve your yoga practice.

Consider these seven ways to get better at yoga.


  1. Learn that every body is different

Yoga is a chance for you to learn that every body has differences in their yoga. Just like everybody has differences in their bodies. Unless you are an identical twin no one has exactly the same combination of height, weight, muscle structure, bone formation or nerve processes.

Taking a new class with a new teacher can help you understand and value your body. Take a class or workshop with an expert teacher who can help answer your questions, encourage you to explore more playfully and really get to know how you tick!


2. Get “in” to your yoga more

In a new class or with a new teacher you get to listen to new cues. Maybe you’ll shift your awareness and get a fresh perspective. You may find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! If you take workshop or a longer class you’ll develop more stamina and strength. You’ll have the opportunity to notice other changes in your body.


3. Going deeper

Take a longer class with fewer moves. Spark some new understandings of yoga or your body. If the focus is just on one or two poses you’ll get to practice and warm into these poses in a new way. Taking a workshop may introduce your to another style of yoga you are unfamiliar with and with sequences or preparations that are new.


4. Search out local options

Find yoga studios, classes and sessions close by. The local yoga community is full of wonderful teachers and studios. Develop your yoga as you support the local yoga community.


5. Find your tribe

Looking for a new yoga studio, class or teacher helps deepen your practice. You get to choose a group to practice with. You are inspired and can inspire others! Find connections and share experiences to find a new fulfilment in your yoga.


6. Get committed

Step up your own determination. Commit to a regular practice, recommit to a regular class or teacher. Change your usual routine and shake things up!


7. Maybe a longer intensive or yoga teaching is your next step

Look into options to immerse yourself in yoga for a weekend, a week or even a few weeks. There are retreats, workshops and mini-retreats held all over the world. Or, perhaps you want to dive deep and learn how to start teaching? Most teacher trainings are 200 hours and there are plenty of great schools and teachers around.


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