7 Hints for a Positive Yoga Morning

affirmation gratitude habits morning physical pose routine routines standing pose start small yoga Nov 12, 2022

This week’s blog will give you great hints that you can put into your mornings to get a super start to the day so you can have your own positive yoga morning.

Hint 1: Get physical

Your positive yoga morning would start with some stretching to move your muscles. You've had eight to nine hours asleep. You've been laying in bed and you haven't moved around very much.  Overnight your muscles have stayed pretty still. So stretching before you leap out of bed gets you going.

Hint 2: Get routined

Having to think about what you’ll do every morning c an be bothersome!  Waking up a little bit earlier and doing your routine will help you ease into the day. It also sets you up for the day without any hassles. 

Maybe it’s a guided meditation. You can anchor into some positive vibes and doing a few affirmations of the vision that you have for your life. Your positive yoga morning is a routine with meditation and affirmations.

You might be more movement orientated.  Start with a bit of a stretch and then add a few yoga moves. Be formal and jump on your mat or take movements as you take a shower or move about the kitchen making breakfast. Try twisting and a breathing routine to energise your day. Take around 10 minutes warming up feeling into your body using your breath. It’s great time to make your mind focus on your body.

Hint 3: Decide on how your day will go

A positive morning with yoga can create a positive mindset which will stay with your for the rest of the day. You can decide on the balance and the energy for the day. Choose something that makes you feel good. Hold that thought and keep it in the front of your mind. Writing it in your journal or at the start of your to do list will help anchor you in this positivity for the day.

Having a good morning practice sets you up for the day.  You create your day in the morning. You know the days you just roll out of bed, throw on some clothes and grab a coffee as you walk out the door.  You’ve started rushed and that sets you up for a rush day. Positive healthy habits are something you can choose for your life. Set that alarm 5 minutes earlier. Use those five minutes to focus on breathing in and out of my nose and just take those five minutes of calm. Notice the difference to your day.

Hint 4: Take up a new habit

Maybe mornings are pretty hard for you. Maybe you're thinking I couldn't do that.  What you do today creates the rest of your life! So a new habit can be as simple as repeating three really important affirmations for your life three times, and then say thank you and get out of bed.

Try it for seven days and then write it in the comments and tell us what happened!

Maybe you want to be more flexible? Your affirmation might be, “I’m living a flexible life” or “I’m more flexible today than I was yesterday”. Say thank you and get on with your day! You’re on the way to a new you!

Hint 5: Start small (or realistically)

Having a positive yoga morning doesn’t mean waking up so early you spend the rest of the day sleeping, or feeling exhausted and grumpy.  If you normally wake up at seven try 6.55 and maybe then go back to 6.50. You've got to listen to your own body.

Hint 6: Try some yogic morning practices

Have a glass of water beside your bed so that the water is room temperature. Drink the glass of water so you're rehydrating your body first thing in the morning. You might want to look up tongue scraping, to remove all the gunk your breathed our at night. Thirdly clearing out your nostrils, maybe with a rinse.

It’s good to find practical habits that you can add in to your routine.

Hint 7: Add ons

Adding these new habits and routines to something you already do helps anchor them into your life. We all wake up in the mornings so you can add one to two things in to that morning routine and then it’s done.

Your positive yoga morning starts with those extra 5 minutes. Affirmations or breathing and then cleaning your face, your mouth and nose. Be thankful for the next day.

Bring a positive mindset into your mornings with yoga.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Love and light

Audrie and Kristina

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