Yin and Pin Sessions

Are you tired? Stressed? Experiencing tight muscles? Overthinking? Or maybe just looking to find some balance?

Time to reset and restore. Yin and Pin merges two of the most ancient Eastern modalities: Acupuncture and Yoga, both bring balance to your life and enhance your wellbeing.

Deep Relaxation: promotes deep relaxation and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which induces a state of calm and rest allowing for deeper healing and rejuvenation.

Energy Balance: enhances the overall balance and harmonisation of the body's energy system.

Enhanced Circulation: enhances circulation, oxygenation, and nutrient supply to various organs and tissues, supporting optimal function and healing.

Upcoming Yin & Pin Workshops

Women's Wellbeing

Hormone Harmony

Awaken and realign your first and second chakras. 

Sunday 18 February 2024, 3-4.30pm

Limited to 12 people


Women's Wellbeing

Heart Harmony

Relax into a state of self-love and acceptance and balance third, fourth and fifth chakras

Sunday 17 March 2024, 3-4.30pm

Limited to 12 people


Women's Wellbeing

Head Harmony

Calm and center your mind and balance sixth and seventh chakras.

Sunday 21 April 2024, 3-4.30pm

Limited to 12 people


More Workshops

Book ahead and keep an eye out for the next pop up session



Feb - Mar - Apr 2024

Held in Christchurch, NZ

Choose your preferred date and enjoy 1.5 hours to calm and sooth your mind.

Limited to 12 people





May - June - July 2024

Held in Christchurch, NZ

Choose your preferred date and enjoy 1.5 hours to calm and sooth your mind and body.

Limited to 12 people



Spring Detox

& Detress

Sep - Oct - Nov 2024

Held in Christchurch, NZ

1.5 hours to calm and sooth your mind and body.

Limited to 12 people


More about Yin & Pin workshops

This low-cost, double-modality, wellness session will run over 1.5 hours. All you need to do is commit and turn up in comfy clothes and a blanket. Book with a friend and save, or book yourself a series pass for all 3 sessions within a series and save.

In a group of limited numbers, you will start by engaging your body deeply with gentle yin-style yoga for half an hour, Following this, you will make yourself comfy with your mat and blocks/blankets (provided by us) and have five acupuncture needles carefully and gently placed at special acupuncture points to reinforce and deepen the yoga work. During the acupuncture and for the next half an hour the yoga instructors will carry you through a restorative, calming, and deeply relaxing body scan meditation and Yoga Nidra.​ This is a beautiful, shared and safe space for healing and the perfect way to regularly anchor back into your best self for the season.


About the acupuncture

The five acupuncture points used during the Yin and Pin session are selected to access four special nerve locations on the hands, feet, and head; They are found to regulate and calm the parasympathetic nervous system. The traditional understanding of these ancient points is in their ability to settle the heart-mind axis and regulate the qi (chee) energy.

The acupuncture given in this special setting offers a natural balancing influence on the body. They work by either encouraging lightness in mood, in support of people struggling with daily heaviness, or by anchoring and calming people who may be experiencing anxiety and struggle to quietly settle within themselves.

All the acupuncture points for Yin and Pin are entirely safe and not generally painful. During the session (after the needles have been placed), the acupuncturist will be available and on hand for ongoing support if any discomfort or concerns arise. However, acupuncture for the purpose of emotional regulation and nervous system relaxation is thankfully a very enjoyable experience.

Your hosts

This Yin & Pin offering is hosted by House of Acupuncture and Yoga to Transform with multiple series throughout the year, each with 3 workshops per series.  We recommend committing to the full series to get the most benefits.

Eleanor is a NZASA registered Acupuncturist and registered ACC provider. She works from her own clinic space in Parklands.

Audrie and Kristina are the founders of Yoga to Transform online studio and are qualified yoga teachers.

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