The Energetics of Sleep

It is time for life to be great with energy for all the things and people you love. It's time to sleep well through the night and for somebody to guide you there.
 You've been wondering where is the real deep mind blowing transformational genius insights that show me someone can *see* me and my struggle to sleep in a truly profound way and  give me that shift of direction that really makes so much sense?
But honestly nothing has felt inspiring. 
There’s one place you haven’t yet tried 😉 The Energetics of Sleep. My sleep coaching group program is different than anyone else’s I’ve seen.
This is not a one size fits all. This approach fits you where you are because you’re a do-er and the minute that insight is in your grasp you’ve already taken it.

What you'll get:

  • individualised material that specifically suits you and your sleep issues
  • access to a full night's sleep that sustains your good  health and fills you up with amazing energy for your day
  • change your sleep patterns for ever and do so fast

Please note –This site is intended to provide you with information and educational material therefore individual results may vary. This site is not intended to provide medical advice or make medical diagnoses please seek advice from a Health professional. 

$222.00 NZD

Give yourself a Fit Body, Calm Mind and Fabulous life with a 'Fit & Fabulous' membership - 18 live zoom classes per month, our pre-recorded studio, PLUS discounts on all courses & coaching.