Yoga to Transform Back Pain



If you are experiencing back pain, we understand it can be very painful and worrying. 

The most common treatment for back pain is pain killers. Scientific research has shown that strong painkillers don’t provide greater pain relief over simpler options and have greater potential for harm.

At Yoga to Transform we know there is a better way to overcome back pain and to live a pain free life.




You have the power within you to give yourself relief from your back pain.

❤︎ You can release the tension in your muscles that contributes to your pain.

❤︎ You can train yourself to hold your body in a posture that will relieve your back pain.

❤︎ You can move your body in a way that will increase mobility and decrease pain.

❤︎ You can manage your back pain and niggles naturally.

❤︎ You can strengthen your core muscles to stabilise and support your back.

❤︎ You can more movement and more fun again.

❤︎ You can start doing the things you love again.

❤︎ You can eat in a way to support your body to release inflammation and pain.

❤︎ You can increase your flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

❤︎ You can experience a reduction in back pain.

❤︎ You can sleep better because you are pain free.


Four weeks of powerful daily lessons, yoga classes and meditations to relieve your back pain.

Lifetime access means you can repeat this life journey as many times as you like to really build your inner core strength, establish healthy habits for optimal mobility and flexibility so you can live pain free.


You can reduce the amount of PAIN in your body. 


Build your core strength. Become more flexible and mobile. Reduce your internal inflammation.

Feel more mobile, active and pain free everyday!

Commit to a living a pain free life today.


“I live in the present moment and easily release all past pain” – Louise Hay

In week one we focus on softening the stress and tension you may be holding in your muscles.

Your focus will be on introducing anti-flammatory dietary support, gentle yoga exercise that softens and releases your muscles and establishing a commitment to a pain free life.

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“Strong on the inside and soft on the outside” – Anusara Yoga Teaching

In week two we focus on cultivating your core strength.

Your core is involved in almost every movement you make. You will learn how to use and train your core as a stabiliser and to build strength using functional movement.

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“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates

In week three we focus on increasing the movement you are doing day to day and in your yoga practice.

Motion is lotion for your spine. There is very strong evidence that keeping active and returning to all usual activities gradually is important in aiding and speeding up your recovery.

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“I move, therefore I am.” – Haruki Murakami

In week four we focus on making movement a habit in your life and bringing in movement that brings you joy.

The back is designed to do heavy lifting, bending, twisting and all manner of movement. So, get moving doing the activities you love with the people you love, even if only in a modified manner, after experiencing pain or an injury to maintain your back health.

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Your whole life can be transformed when you treat and relieve your back pain.


If you are experiencing back pain, we understand it can be very painful and worrying, but be reassured it is very common and rarely dangerous. In fact, you are in the majority, with 84% of people worldwide experiencing back pain at some point in their life.

The experience of pain can be turned up by many factors: physical, psychological, health, lifestyle, and social factors. This means that you may feel more pain when you move or try to do something, even though you are not damaging your back or if there is no damage in your back. Scans of backs will almost always show degeneration or abnormality, and it these findings are poorly linked with back pain. Many of these findings of degeneration or abnormality are common in people without back pain. Most back pain is described as non-specific back pain as the cause of the pain is hard to identify.

The most common treatment for back pain is pain killers. Scientific research has shown that strong painkillers don’t provide greater pain relief over simpler options and have greater potential for harm.

Our Yoga to Transform Back Pain course gives you another way to treat and relieve your back pain.




Yoga to Transform's program will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. I'm so grateful. Such a powerful self-healing program. I strongly recommend it.


So much amazing content, definitely has made a positive impact.


From 20 years of chronic pain and being at the point of giving up, to finding hope and relief after 4 weeks of doing our Yoga to Transform Back Pain course

Andre's feedback about his transformation is possible for you!

Andre rated the course 10/10. This is why: Have been really impressed with both the course content and overall presentation. Easy to follow, and presented in a manner that felt both genuine and encouraging.

What is the thing you liked most about the course?

Quite difficult to choose just one, but, if pressed to choose.. I feel the 4 week/28 day approach in delivering the content and information to be quite valuable. Course started off, at, what i would consider, a manageable and accessible level for most. Each week following built upon the previous weeks content in a manner that felt both realistic, attainable, and with genuinely good intention. (Only wish i had discovered this 20 years ago).

What about the course could have been improved?

Still taking in a lot of the information presented, so as of yet, have no real critiques to offer. Getting a lot from the course. Feels an invaluable part of my life over the past month or so. Will be so for many years to come, i feel.

Would you recommend this course to friends/family? and why?

Have done, and would have no hesitation in doing so in the future. Feeling in a much better space both mentally and physically since starting the course and discovering Yoga. 20 years of back pain and overall chronic pain does take it's toll. Last year was probably the roughest year yet. Had almost all but giving up hope of finding a fix (and not through lack of trying) These last couple of months have been quite incredible. Feeling both hopeful and positive about the road ahead. I'm under no illusion that this is a "quick fix", but feel like i may finally be on the right path for me. Grateful and very appreciative.

What transformation, if any, did you experience during the course?

Feeling more in control. Not feeling as if I'm held captive by back pain. More confident to go out without worrying about my back pain and how it may be affected by external forces. Much more aware of tension, and the overall effect it has on my back and mobility issues as a whole. The awareness is in itself progress. Was always aware of the pain, but not what i would call on a deeper level. Not paid attention to just how much a factor stress and tension as a result played in my pain levels. Learning to 'soften' and 'release' has felt quite powerful. Still a long way to go, but, i feel (for the first time), that I'm on the right path.

Anything else you think the team at Yoga to Transform should know?

Just feeling deeply appreciative and grateful for the support and course content. Wish i had found you guys 20 years ago. Appreciate the many follow up emails too. I do read each and every one, and have taken some from most, if not all.




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