$444.00 NZD

Sleep Coaching Aug 2024

Join a Sleep group coaching program for August.

Get a month of the support you need to sleep fully each night.  Get the 28-day self-paced Sleep course plus workshop your issues with a group of liked minded-people to support your journey.

What you'll get:

  • life-time access to the 28-day Sleep Journey
  • at least 4 online group workshops sessions led by Audrie
  • the support of others
  • accountability to keep on track
  • the motivation to deepen your sleep
  • a group to celebrate your successes

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What People Are Saying:

The weekly program of yoga, readings and gratitude have allowed me to get in touch with me. I really enjoyed the recommended TED talk on creating new habits and I have decided to read my book for 15 minutes per day for 30 days. Then I can choose something else. I am really taking care of myself which is something I wasn't expecting to focus on when I signed up for the "Yoga to Transform Sleep" course but I'm loving it!