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Love Course - Lifetime Access

Your whole life is a love story, is it time for you to become the author?

This course is for the ladies who are dissatisfied with the love and connection in their life.

Yoga to Transform Love is a 28-day journey that builds your ability to live a life anchored in love; it is unlike any other yoga workshop you will have done before because you can work through it at your own pace, repeat it as many times as you like and have a community behind you to support your journey into love.

This course provides the tools to:

  • open to love
  • strengthen self love
  • enjoy more fulfilling relationships
  • connect to a higher love

Remember 'it is not your job to seek for love, but to remove all your barriers to the awareness of love's presence in your life'. This course is designed to remove your barriers to love in a gentle and supportive way by working through the steps that open you to receive more love in a structured and methodical way.

What you’ll get:

  • Weekly themed yoga class
  • Meditations
  • 28 tips, tricks, and life hacks to create a habit, released daily
  • Bonus content to motivate and invigorate you along the way
  • Become part of a like-minded community to provide support for your journey

Are you ready to live a love filled life?

A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology 2009 concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic (a habit). This course allows you to work through or review our course content and fully immerse yourself in the exploration of how you close yourself off from love, so that you can open to love instead anytime you need the support to choose love in your life.

Please note –This site is intended to provide you with information and educational material therefore individual results may vary. This site is not intended to provide medical advice or make medical diagnoses please seek advice from a Health professional. 

What People Are Saying:

In February I did the Celebration of Love Masterclass for Singles. I highly recommend this workshop if you want to unlock your own values and discover what you are seeking in a love relationship (either with yourself or another). Kristina was an expert facilitator in the way she made our group of four men and six women relax. She took us through an exercise to unlock our personal values and we focused on those while doing some gentle yoga poses. The things I learned in that class really resonated with me and have served me well in a year like 2020. As a bonus I have also found a love partnership. So that’s some powerful manifestation!

- Kini

I found your sessions catered to all levels of fitness and had such a calming quality sometimes I would just watch because I found your manner and voice very very soothing

- Lyn