'Awaken. Illuminate. Strengthen." with Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher Sarah Powell

Let Sarah introduce you to the unique and key elements of Anusara Yoga classes:

  • heart-oriented theme
  • non-dual life affirming philosophy
  • Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment™
  • effective pose sequence
  • clear and inspirational language
  • precise demonstrations.

Sarah will lead you through a 2 hour Anusara® yoga practice where we can connect together and listen, move and be uplifted by the inspiring story of the 'Rasa Lila'. This is the beautiful story of Krishna playing his flute and dancing with devoted gopis on the banks of the river. How these nights of wonderful dancing helped 'wake' the gopis up to the fact that 'god consciousness' was dancing within them every moment of every day ... always had been, always will be! These ancient myths are not just dusty, old stories but messages that are directly relatable to YOUR life story. We will take time to contemplate the messages and grow from them and take some new skills & tools for growth back to our lives!

Happening Friday 5th April 6.45-8.45pm in Christchurch NZ - QE2/Tairoa Group Fitness studio, Travis Road.

What is Anusara Yoga?

Anusara is a branch of Hatha yoga that uniquely integrates deep spiritual teachings and precise principles of alignment into the practice. At the heart of Anusara Yoga are its life-affirming principles of embracing life ups and downs, not running from it. As such, Anusara Yoga becomes an alignment guide for our life, on and off the mat. Anusara Yoga provides students with a solid foundation in the ancient non-dual philosophy of yoga.

Anusara is also a community of students and teachers who are deeply connected to the heart of yoga.  Its emphasis on the embodiment of Grace and its profound philosophical teachings are designed to open the practitioner’s heart to life’s possibilities, creating vibrancy of body, mind and spirit.  

What makes Anusara Yoga special?

Anusara Yoga is alignment based yoga. It promotes creative freedom and individuality while teaching within a precise methodology called the Universal Principles of Alignment™. These alignment principles bring attention to the sacredness of the physical body. Students learn how to properly align the body as well as develop strength, vitality and a clearer understanding of how the body works in order to master life’s challenges.

Anusara Yoga also inspires through life-affirming themes. Anusara teachers weave an inspirational heart theme into each class, which helps students connect the physical practice with a deep feeling of self-honouring, safety, community, devotion and love. Themes are often rooted in deep spiritual principles that are expressed throughout each class, making the practice both a joyful and an inspirational experience.

What does an Anusara Yoga class look like?

Each class utilizes a heart theme and supportive physical alignment that accentuates its expression through the poses. This makes the classes fluid, safe and fun.  Anusara teachers come from diverse backgrounds and infuse their insights, personal life experiences and life journeys into their classes making them more personal and relevant.

Classes begin with an introduction of the heart theme for the class and a centering alignment that often includes chanting of “OM” and/or the Anusara Invocation. The teacher then guides the students through a warm-up and then progressive sequences of poses. An emphasis is placed on the class theme through the physical and artistic expression of the poses. Classes take the students deep into the feeling sensations of each pose and sequence, so as to integrate body-mind with heart and spirit. Once a peak pose is reached the class winds down into an extended rest period and meditation. Students leave class refreshed, challenged and inspired.

What are the benefits of practicing Anusara Yoga?
  • Anusara classes will inspire and uplift you.
  • Precise alignment principles make the practice safer for students of all levels.
  • You will learn how to recognize your intrinsic goodness and how to see goodness in others.
  • You will learn to deepen your yoga practice in a way that enhances your connection to self and liberates your artistic expression from inner body to the outer world.
  • You will learn that opening to Grace and creating steadiness will help carry you through life’s challenges, on and off the mat.

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What Our Students Are Saying:

"I had practiced many styles of yoga when I first met Sarah. I started attending her classes and the fun, encouraging and highly passionate way Sarah teaches very soon got my attention. I started to learn about the Anusara® alignment principles, hear Sarah's beautifully told stories and feel really great during and particularly after class. Each class can be very different, challenge you in different ways but I always feel each one has been special and inspiring. ​ Anusara with Sarah touched me so much that I was soon hooked and wanting to discover more, so I decided to take the plunge and signed up for Sarah's Teacher Training ... and I am now very proud to be an Anusara® Elements Teacher!"

Julie Fastiggi, Surrey, UK

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