About Yoga to Transform


We are a social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of women’s lives around the world.

Our Mission

At Yoga to Transform we believe yoga is essential to improve the quality of your life and to achieve lasting positive transformation.

Over the next five years our mission is to empower 50,000 women from 50 different countries to positively transform the quality of their lives through courses, coaching, community, and charity. We are way more than a yoga studio; we support you to develop an area of your life that you want to change and provide tailored courses, workshops, retreats, and coaching to deliver the results you desire.

Our intention is to support you to learn to dedicate to the discipline of the practices. We know that these practices will  ultimately bring you freedom from pain and limitations; and the ability to live your life with more joy.

Ten percent of revenue will be donated to organisations that help to support the quality of women’s lives.

Our Values

  • Commit, then be disciplined
  • Love yourself, know you are perfect
  • We care 
  • Have fun, the joy is in the journey
  • Expect Miracles


How Yoga to Transform Started

Kristina and Audrie met in a yoga class in 2008.

Since then we have attended each other’s classes, covered each other’s classes, and attended many workshops together.

Our friendship grew beyond yoga. We have supported each other through break-ups, earthquakes, marriage, significant birthdays, career transition, yoga teacher training, personal development training and creating our future vision for our lives.

Here we are. Finally sharing our combined vision and love of yoga. Combined with the power of personal development to offer something that we know is really transformative - because we have experienced all of it in our own lives.


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